Learn QuickBooks Desktop in 3-days. Video Course by Hector Garcia, CPA

Learn QuickBooks Desktop in 3-days. Video Course by Hector Garcia, CPA

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This is a video-based 3-day self-paced course available via the Teachable platform for 1 year after purchase, regular price $95



Day 1 (Introduction / QuickBooks Missing Manual chapters) - Total 5 Hours

1. Getting Started (Chapters 1 and 2)

  • Setting up a New QuickBooks File
  • Creating a New Company File with Step-by-Step Guide
  • Understanding the Home Page, Menu, and Icon Bars
  • Getting Around in QuickBooks

2. Working with the Chart of Accounts (Chapter 3) - SAMPLE VIDEO

  • Creating new accounts
  • Working with Subaccounts
  • Editing and Merging Accounts
  • Deleting and Inactivating Accounts
  • Accounting Basics and working with the chart of accounts

3. Setting Up New Customers and Vendors (Chapter 4)

  • Create a New Customer
  • Create a New Job
  • Editing Customer:Job detailed information
  • Create a New Vendor
  • Deleting/Inactivating Customers and Vendors

4. Setting Up Items (Chapter 5)

  • Understanding the Difference between Accounts and Items
  • Working with different Item types
  • Inventory Vs. Non-Inventory Parts
  • Creating Items and Sub Items
  • Editing, Deleting and Inactivating Items

5. Customer Transactions: Estimates, Invoices, and Customer Payments (Chapter 10 & 13)

  • Create an Estimate for a Customer:Job
  • Create an Invoice from an Estimate
  • Create an Invoice from scratch
  • Receiving a Full payment from an Invoice
  • Depositing customer payments in the bank

6. Vendor Transactions: Purchase Orders, Bills, and Pay Bills (Chapter 9)

  • Create a Purchase Order
  • Receive a Purchase Order into a Bill
  • Create a Vendor Bill from Scratch
  • Paying Bills

7. Working with the Banks (Chapter 15)

  • Working with the check Register
  • Entering Income and Expense information in the register
  • Using Write Checks vs. Bills/Pay Bills Feature
  • Introduction to Bank Reconciliation

8. Introduction to Financial Reports (chapter 17)

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet


Day 2 Total 4.5 Hours (Certified User Test Prep)

  1. How to Pass a QuickBooks Test?
  2. QuickBooks Setup
  3. QuickBooks Utilities and General Product Knowledge
  4. List Management
  5. Items
  6. Sales - SAMPLE VIDEO
  7. Purchases
  8. Payroll
  9. Reports
  10. Basic Accounting 
  11. Customization/Saving time Shortcuts


Bonus (10 Hours)

  • QuickBooks Enterprise - Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Enterprise.EXPERT webinar recordings
  • QuickBooks Enterprise - Progress Invoicing - SAMPLE VIDEO
  • QuickBooks Enterprise - Report consolidation in Excel


About Hector Garcia, CPA.CITP, CGMA

  • Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • Member of Intuit Trainer/Writer Network
  • Co-Host of QB Power Hour - Webinar series of QuickBooks power users
  • Creator of over 300 videos in YouTube about QuickBooks, Accounting, and/or Excel (with over 2mm combined views)

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